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The history of the
Camping Bosco

A long tradition and many fans accompany the

Camping Bosco Cannobio for over 50 years

The history of Camping Bosco

In 1962 Carlo Gallotti buys the magnificent property in Cannobio and begins to furnish and cultivate it. A campsite and vacation village is to be built here to support the growing tourist importance of Cannobio. Carlo Galotti is a bricklayer, owner of a small business (two employees), and devotes himself to camping with interruptions and when the obligations of the small business allow it.
In 1970, his son Giorgio leaves his job in Milan and takes care of the final preparations and permits for the opening of the Camping Bosco Cannobio .
In 1972 the campsite is opened with the following facilities: two sanitary blocks for campers, bar-restaurant-market, reception and the bungalows 1/2/3.
Giorgio is the owner of the company, Papa Carlo owns the property.
1972-1992 The campsite is run as a family business: Giorgio and an external helper, Carlo’s daughter Cesarina runs the restaurant and bar. Her husband Dino and son Vittorino work with her after hours, on holidays and during summer vacations. The family business flourishes and becomes known and loved far beyond the borders of Italy. The restaurant serves mainly spaghetti, fried potatoes, chicken on a spit and vegetable soups.
Ca 1980-85 The bungalows 4 to 14 are built.
1992 Cesarina falls ill and requires dialysis. The family can count on Vittorino’s help, but Cesarina is missing. Giorgio therefore ceases to operate the restaurant. However, with Vanda, an external person is found to support the Camping Bosco family business.
1994-1995 Authorization for the construction of the second access road from Strada Statale 34, which will be connected to the first access road.
2001 Vanda becomes more and more the leader of Camping Bosco.
2004 Carlo needs ongoing support. Giorgio therefore leases the company to Verbano Impianti with subsequent extension to Boschetto Holiday.
2010 Papa Carlo dies, Giorgio becomes owner of the property.
2010 Introduction and installation of Mobile Homes at Camping Bosco.
2015 Giorgio also dies. Vittorino receives ownership of the real estate complex and ownership of the company.
2018 Vittorino leases the company and real estate complex to Holiday Camp.
2022 Two German families who have been closely linked to Cannobio for many years get to know and appreciate Vittorino. They agree to purchase the traditional Camping Bosco Cannobio and promise Vittorino to continue the campsite and vacation village in the spirit of his family and the long tradition. The campsite and vacation village will be extensively modernized after the end of the 2022 season.
2023 Lakeview Cannobio SRL will operate Bosco Camping in the future, which will be renamed Lakeview Cannobio. An international team led by Marica from Cannobio leads the campsite and vacation village into the future.

Giorgio Galotti
Giorgio Galotti
Camping Bosco ca 1980