Wassertemperatur in Cannobio am Lago Maggiore

Water temperature in Cannobio

When is the ideal weather for swimming, how warm is the water in Cannobio on Lake Maggiore? We have the answer.

Water temperature and altitude in Cannobio on Lake Maggiore

Water temperature of Lake Maggiore in Cannobio: when is the perfect time to swim?

Lake Maggiore is a mountain lake that is fed by meltwater from the surrounding mountains in spring. It is therefore rather cold in winter and spring, but warms up very quickly in spring due to its large surface area and mild climate.
While the temperature in winter and spring is well below 10 degrees, the water temperature of Lake Maggiore usually rises to around 15 degrees towards Easter. At Whitsun, Lake Maggiore is often already around 20 degrees.
Depending on the course of spring and early summer, Lake Maggiore often reaches temperatures of a pleasant 23-25 degrees from early summer, and in warm summers 27-28 degrees are also possible. Even in late summer and fall, you can still swim in Lake Maggiore: in September, the lake is often still over 20 degrees. Water sports are possible well into October and can be extended for a long time with neoprene.

In the sheltered bay of Lakeview Cannobio, the water temperature of Lake Maggiore is usually slightly higher than the official figure.

The current water temperature of Lake Maggiore: 13 °C (possibly 1-2 degrees higher at Lakeview Cannobio beach)

For water sports enthusiasts: altitude of Lake Maggiore in Cannobio

Lake Maggiore is known for changing its altitude very quickly. Heavy rainfall in the surrounding area drains quickly into Lake Maggiore, often causing the lake level to rise visibly in a short space of time.
A water level between 193 and 194 meters above sea level is considered normal. In very dry summers, the lake often reaches levels well below 193m.a. s.l., which is no problem for guests at Lakeview Cannobio. Swimming is possible without restrictions, low tide only enlarges our beach. Boats are not at risk either, as the buoys at Lakeview Cannobio are at a safe distance. 
Water levels above 194.50 trigger the first warning level for higher water. However, this occurs very regularly, often even annually. Restrictions on swimming and water sports at Lakeview Cannobio are only to be expected from a water level significantly above 194.50 meters above sea level. However, such water levels are Extremely rare in summerlow water is usually to be expected in summer. High water levels on Lake Maggiore usually occur in spring or late fall.
The current water level / gauge of Lake Maggiore: 193.85 m.a.s.l.