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Green Resort

Sustainable vacation without renunciation!

For us a matter of course

Sustainable, of course!

We don't talk about it much - we prefer to do it! With the acquisition and remodeling for the 2023 season, Cannobio Lakeview Camp & Resort will become sustainably green!

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Co2 neutral

Our energy is largely CO2 neutral. Where we still use fossil fuels today, this is compensated for.


Solar power

With our photovoltaic systems, we largely generate our own electricity.



We store surplus energy in large electricity storage facilities - for days with little sunshine

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As far as possible, we refrain from sealing our surfaces and allow for natural drainage

Waste separation

We avoid waste as far as possible. Where this is not possible, we consistently separate the waste generated and recycle it to


Coming soon: We will rent e-scooters and e-bikes in the future, your car can just stand still.