Acqualand Cannobio Wasserpark

Water Park Acqualand Cannobio

Fun for kids and adults

Directly in Cannobio on the Lido

Water Park Acqualand Cannobio

What’s missing for the perfect family day at the beach? Of course – a water park for the kids! Acqualand Cannobio solves this problem!

The sun is blazing, you’re looking to cool off, but a day at the beach is way too boring for the kids? Probably all parents know this problem. In Cannobio on Lake Maggiore, it was solved very elegantly, with the new Acqualand Cannobio.
Throughout the summer, the Lido in Cannobio has several fun devices: a huge inflatable water slide, an also very large and impressive play park on the water with various diving towers, slides, climbing equipment, besides a large trampoline tower on which you can do somersaults – out of the water, of course. Open daily from late morning until evening.
The large water slide at Acqualand Cannobio is particularly impressive: it is not a traditional water slide, but an inflatable fun device. Of course, everyone has seen something like this before, but in this size (about 7m high) the water slide is extremely impressive. Even for adults it takes some effort to climb up there and jump into a wild slide. But it’s worth it: the water slide is extremely fun! The play park as well – climbing over the inflatable elements on the water, jumping, shimmying, jumping is exhausting, requires balance and is just fun!

Acqualand Cannobio Wasserrutsche

Safety is a priority at Acqualand Cannobio: for the use of the playground equipment on the water, children are provided with life jackets, they are included in the price. The plant is also monitored. Of course, it occupies only a small part of the large Lido Cannobio, around it you can use as usual free lawn and the lake.
Two different options are available regarding the entrance: a day ticket for about 20 euros (as of 2022) with unlimited access to the water playground and the water slide and 3x trampoline jumping. However, the facility can also be paid for individually – per trampoline use, slide or per half hour of water playground.
However, experience shows that it is worth the day ticket the most, if you want to spend the whole day at Lido Cannobio anyway. Several of our guests report that their children manage over 100x slides daily. Crowds are manageable, wait times are very short, Acquapark Cannobio is a great option for a very successful beach day in Cannobio.