Safaripark Pombia

Safari Park Pombia

A beautiful zoo with a small amusement park in the south of Lake Maggiore

Suitable for the whole family

Safari Park Pombia

A good 75min from Cannobio Lakeview Camp & Resort is Pombia Safari Park.

The highlight of the park is certainly the safari tour with your own car, where you can see wildlife up close. There are also various shows and demonstrations, including parrots and birds of prey. The program, very suitable for children, is a pleasant change on Lake Maggiore, which does not have any of the typical large theme parks.

Besides there are in the Safari Park also a “Tech Park” with 4D cinema and virtual reality applications, several restaurants and snack bars and a “Luna Park” – a small amusement park with a Ferris wheel, roller coaster, pirate ship, white water ride, etc. You should not expect looping roller coasters and big attractions here, the Safari Park Pombia on Lake Maggiore is neither Gardaland nor Europapark. But maybe that’s what makes it so nice and beautiful for kids: it’s a lovingly designed park with lots of animals, safaris, a few amusement park-like attractions and garnished with a tech park. That’s all you need for a nice day trip on Lake Maggiore.

A very nice family outing for those who like animals.

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