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Camping Bosco becomes Lakeview!

With the acquisition and extensive refurbishment

also changes the name of the Camping Bosco

Camping Bosco becomes Lakeview Cannobio Camping Resort

Arrivederci Holidaycamp Bosco Camping & Village Cannobio, Buongiorno Lakeview Cannobio Camping & Resort! At the end of the 2022 season, we have taken over the traditional and popular Bosco campsite in Cannobio on Lake Maggiore and are working hard to restore it to its former glory.
With the takeover we have also decided on a name change: “Lakeview Cannobio” will be the name of this wonderful place in the future. Lakeview, because the phenomenal view of Lake Maggiore from every place of our campsite is unique and should be reflected in the name. Lakeview because we want to inspire international customers with an international team – but will always exude Italian flair. Promise!

We are very aware of the responsibility of having taken over one of the oldest campsites Cannobio. That’s why our changes will be cautious yet highly visible – preserving old flair while consistently working through much-needed renovation. We know from many long-time guests how excited they are about the start of the 2023 season and the changes. We can promise you: it will be very nice!

Currently, the extensive renovation of the sanitary areas, the restaurant, the reception and the grill lounge is being pushed forward at full speed. In addition, each apartment is renovated and completely refurnished. The same applies to the mobile homes: each mobile home is renovated and refurnished in stages. We also have big and beautiful plans for our exclusive private beach, which we will be able to communicate in more detail in a few weeks.
Follow our Facebook page to see our rebuild “live”. 100% Lakeview, 100% vacation – that is our claim and our promise. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Camping Bosco Cannobio
Camping Bosco Cannobio
Camping Bosco, ca 1960-1970