Lago Maggiore Zipline

Lake Maggiore Zipline

Not for the faint-hearted

Suitable for the adventurous family

Lake Maggiore Zipline (Aurano, IT)

From a relaxing beach vacation to an adrenaline-filled adventure – there’s only a 45-minute drive between the Lakeview Resort Cannobio and an excursion for true adrenaline junkies!
With the Lago Maggiore Zipline you can experience the thrill of flying, a dream that is within everyone’s reach.
The Zipline Lago Maggiore in Aurano is a 1850 meter long steel cable suspended at a height of 350 meters. More than 90 seconds of pure adrenaline and fun, giving you the feeling of flying like a falcon in front of the magnificent panorama of Lake Maggiore. It’s a unique moment that you want to tell, share and repeat!
Fly in complete safety at over 120 km/h, secured to the rope, free almost like a bird. Enjoy the incredible view and nature while the wind whistles around your body!

Lago Maggiore Zipline Restaurant Aurano
The excursion is also recommended for less adrenaline-hungry family members: the La Batua restaurant, part of the Lago Maggiore zipline facility, offers good food or a delicious cappuccino right at the start in a beautiful, almost untouched landscape. So while one part of the family plunges into the zipline adventure, the other part can relax in the countryside and enjoy nature. And of course watch your loved ones take off!
The zipline has no age limit and is therefore also possible for children from 120 cm tall, the only requirements are a minimum weight of 35 kilograms and physical fitness. The zipline ride can take place alone or in pairs. It is flown “falcon style”, i.e. lying like a bird with the head facing forward or “freestyle” – attached to the belly and with the ability to move, turn etc. during the flight.
Reservations via the provider’s website are recommended; in the event of bad weather, the flight date may have to be postponed at short notice. Prices are 29 euros for children under 14, 34 euros for under 18s and 38 euros for adults. The second flight costs 20 euros. (as at 2023) For a facility of this size and with these thrills, the admission prices are absolutely fair and the experience is truly unique.
The Lago Maggiore Zipline can be reached quite easily from the Lakeview Cannobio Camping Resort: follow the coast road in the direction of Verbania, turn right in Cannero-Riviera in the direction of Trarego. From there, follow the signs for “Zipline” until you reach Aurano.