Val Verzasca Verzascatal Valle Verzasca

Valle Verzasca

World famous spot for divers, hikers, connoisseurs

A trip for the whole family

Valle Verzasca / Verzasca Valley (Ticino, CH)

The Valle Verzasca / Verzasca Valley is a rugged valley with many steep slopes and numerous waterfalls. Typical of the Verzasca Valley are the rustici, gray stone houses with heavy stone slabs for the roof. The many churches and chapels along the road in number indicate the pious inhabitants of the valley. Valle Verzasca is the only valley that borders only Ticino valleys and has the geometric center of Ticino with the town of Mergoscia.

The Verzasca Valley is located between the Leventina and Maggia Valleys, north of Lake Maggiore. The entrance to the valley is reached via the small town of Gordola. A good passable road leads about 25 km in south-north direction to Sonogno, a small village at the end of the road, where you can buy delicious fresh Valle Verzasca stone-baked bread every day.

The Sentierone Valle Verzasca takes you from Tenero to Sonogno on well-marked hiking trails. Regular post buses from Locarno / Tenero also make it possible to hike in stages and save you the search for a parking space, which is often not so easy in the Valle Verzasca, especially in summer.

Along the Roman Bridge (Ponte dei Salti) in Lavertezzo there are many picturesque swimming spots and an impressive backdrop of rock formations. Divers appreciate this area for its unique spots, tourists and locals love the many hidden bays that invite you to swim, relax and sunbathe. Including jumps from the cliffs of the Verzasca Valley into the Verzasca, which is usually less dangerous than it looks for the mostly experienced jumpers. But be careful: the water is extremely cold even in summer and the river is dangerous due to currents. Children should never be left unattended!

A special feature of the Valle Verzasca is the 220 meter high dam wall. This can be reached by post bus or by car. There are numerous parking spaces in front of the wall, which can be used for a surprisingly small fee. The wall dams Lake Vogorno, which extends from the dam to Corippo. The dam water is used to generate electricity and produces a significant part of the electricity consumed in Ticino and northern Italy. In the middle of the dam in the Verzasca Valley there is the possibility to do the original James Bond bungee jump yourself, to relive Golden Eye.In the summer months there is daily jumping.

For the whole family, the Verzasca Valley is a wonderful scenic destination. Quite new and really wonderful is the BoBosco trail (Boccia al Bosco) that starts in Brione in the Verzasca Valley (parking lot opposite Hotel Ai Piee) and goes down to Lavertezzo in several stops. At the entrance to the path, you buy a fist-sized wooden ball from the kiosk or the dispenser, which you can use along the way in 16 giant ball tracks. The BoBosco Trail is great family fun and also suitable for younger children. It can be run in three sections or completely. With the post bus you can easily get back to the parking lot in Brione.

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