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Paradise for families

Relaxing, swimming, boating, playing, hiking...

in Cannobio the whole family will be happy!

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Paradise for families in Cannobio

A very large and absolutely private lake access are part of Cannobio Lakeview Camping & Resort. Enjoy the day with the family directly at the lake, on our well-kept lawn and under shady trees.
We offer various sports equipment such as SUP and kayaks for rent, for children we also always have a supply of air mattresses, tubes and other toys to borrow for free. To make the day at the lake beautiful and unforgettable for everyone!

Family friendly conversion

New for the 2023 season: A large family shower and playgrounds at the resort and directly on the beach. Enjoy a delicious cappuccino in the Lakeview Lounge while your kids let off steam in the playground across the street – always within sight. Or relax on the private beach while your kids can try our Ninja Slackline within sight. For fun and games in and around the water, we always have air mattresses, tubes, etc. ready. Free of charge.
We know: if the children are happy, the parents are too!

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