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A day in Ascona

A nice trip to the nearby Ticino to Ascona

Suitable for the whole family

Ascona (Ticino, CH)

Ascona is located on the northwestern shore of Lake Maggiore. The commune belongs to the canton of Ticino and to the district of Locarno and has 5430 inhabitants in an area of 5km2. Through artists and intellectuals Ascona became world famous, especially in the 20th century. Even today, the waterfront promenade Piazza Giuseppe Motta and its alleys and houses are largely preserved. These alleys invite you to tantalize your palate and always discover something new.
Every year Ascona hosts the Jazz Festival, a festival not only for jazz music lovers. During the summer and autumn months, every Wednesday in Piazza Giuseppe Motta there is an artisan market that offers many different artistic attractions.

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In the summer months, the Piazza Giuseppe Motta is usually bustling with activity in the evenings. Clowns and other artists enchant not only the children, numerous painters and draughtsmen offer portraits in front of the dreamlike evening picture of Lake Maggiore and the many restaurants in Ascona entice with their fresh produce to an extensive dinner.

But also in the low season Ascona is worth seeing. The place is quieter and sleepier, more typical of the country, but still beautiful. Even in autumn and winter many restaurants are open along the piazza.

The port of Ascona is located directly on the piazza. From here boats depart daily to the surrounding towns along Lake Maggiore. Here you can also book excursions to the Isola di Brissago, take a speedboat on Wednesdays to the famous weekly market in Luino, book an excursion on Sundays to the market in Cannobio or simply organize a tour of the lake and admire its size and enchanting beauty. Of course, the perspective on the picturesque towns and villages of Lake Maggiore from the lake is quite different than on land, which is why we always strongly recommend a boat trip to all tourists.

Ascona also has a lot to offer in terms of sports. In addition to the large 18-hole golf course and a tennis court, there is also the possibility of mini golf, surfing, sailing, cycling and inline skating. In addition, there is a public lido on the beach of Ascona until 22.00 every day. The swimming beach offers a small bar for lunch snacks, a diving board and the possibility to rent deck chairs for a small fee.

For sporty people, there are pedal boats to rent on the promenade of Ascona to view the beautiful Ticino village from the lake. More comfortable people reach for the small motorboat, which are also available for rent – also in a license-free version.

Culinary Ascona is excellent. Everywhere there is the smell of fresh stone-baked pizza, various antipasti, good wine and delicious pasta. But also regional specialties from Ticino can be found in almost every restaurant on the menu. The wine region around Ascona is known and appreciated by connoisseurs and a selection of these wines and grappi can be found in any good bar.Our tip: in the winter time try a good cheese fondue or fondue chinoise, it is served in several restaurants in Ascona offered and goes wonderfully with a good glass of wine and the view of the lake, especially on cold days!