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Valle Maggia & side valleys

Hike, swim, visit, enjoy in Vallemaggia

A trip for the whole family

Valle Maggia / Maggia Valley & Side Valleys (Ticino, CH)

The Maggia ValleyValle Maggia – is crossed by the Maggia River and extends from Locarno further north. In the upper part there are numerous side valleys that are only partially inhabited. At the entrance to the valley, directly adjacent to Locarno, the Maggia is wide and shallow and invites you to swim in summer. On sunny days, bath towels often line up here. It’s worth getting there early – or driving further into the valley.

The further one advances into the Maggia Valley, the steeper the rocks that line the Maggia Trail become. The road goes up to Fusio, where it is not possible to continue. Fusio is the starting point for various hikes.

From the Valle Maggia, for example, you can reach the Centovalli, a densely wooded landscape with rugged cliffs that invite you to hike and linger. With the Centovalli Railway you can travel from Locarno to Domodossola and enjoy the wonderful scenery of the varied valley.

Another side valley of the Valle Maggia is the Valle Onsernone. The approach is via a good passable road shortly after entering Valle Maggia over a bridge. In the Onsernone Valley you will find beautiful hiking routes of various difficulty levels, great grottos and numerous hidden treasures.

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The Valle Onsernone is especially known for its villages on the southern slope, which, due to their particular position, have up to seven hours of sunshine even in winter. Here, too, one can find numerous well-preserved, typical Ticino stone houses. From Valle Onsernone you can also reach Val Vergeletto, another side valley of Valle Maggia. From Val Vergeletto a cableway leads from Zòtt to Salèi. Numerous hiking trails attract visitors here.

In Bignasco in the Maggia Valley you will find Punto Verde, a small rustico that sells a unique Valle Maggia pepper in addition to numerous wines, herbal blends and jams. Highly recommended!