Motorboot SUP und Kajak leihen in Cannobio am Lago Maggiore

Motorboat rental

Hire a motorboat, kayak and SUP - at Lakeview Cannobio on Lake Maggiore. With discount for our guests!

Lakeview Cannobio motorboat, SUP & kayak rental

Would you like to hire a motorboat during your vacation in Cannobio to sail on Lake Maggiore? Lakeview Cannobio now makes this possible!
From the 2024 season, we will be offering you a new rental park on Lakeview Cannobio’s private beach: we rent out motorboats, pedal boats, SUPs and kayaks in Cannobio on Lake Maggiore. Our rental fleet is also available to external vacationers in Cannobio and the surrounding area. Of course, house guests receive a significant discount and the option to book in advance at check-in!
All our boats can be driven on the Italian side of the lake without a license. We will instruct you in the use and rules so that even beginners can rent a motorboat from us without any problems.

Motorboat for 6 persons, 40 hp

A fast and maneuverable, almost 6m long motorboat that can be driven without a license. Approved for up to 6 people. With comfortable seat cushions, perfect for a family outing by motorboat on Lake Maggiore around Cannobio!

Prices: for Lakeview guests:
4 hours 220,00 Euro 190,00 Euro
8 hours 320,00 Euro 280,00 Euro

plus fuel costs (currently 2.50 Euro/liter)

Motorboot ohne Führerschein mieten in Cannobio am Lago Maggiore

Pedal boat for 6 people

With the XXXL water slide, our modern pedal boat, suitable for up to 6 people, is the perfect boat for swimming fun with the whole family.

Prices: for Lakeview guests:
1 hour 25,00 Euro 20,00 Euro
2 hours 40,00 Euro 30,00 Euro
4 hours 60,00 Euro 50,00 Euro

Tretboot mieten in Cannobio am Lago Maggiore

Galaxy kayak

Suitable for one adult, possibly with a child, or 1-2 children. A very fast, sporty and stable kayak with which you can cover long distances with little effort. Perfect for exploring the lake without a motor.

Prices:                        for Lakeview guests:
1 hour   15,00 Euro      12,00 Euro
2 hours   25,00 Euro      20,00 Euro
4 hours   40,00 Euro      30,00 Euro

Kajak mieten in Cannobio am Lago Maggiore

Starboard Deluxe SUP

Not a SUP from the DIY store, but a professional SUP. You notice this immediately, because it sits perfectly in the water, is agile and fast and is simply great fun! Complete with life jacket and fiberglass-carbon paddle

Prices: for Lakeview guests:
1 hour 15,00 Euro 12,00 Euro
2 hours 25,00 Euro 20,00 Euro
4 hours 40,00 Euro 30,00 Euro

SUP mieten in Cannobio am Lago Maggiore

All water sports equipment and boats offered here are rented out by Lakeview Cannobio. There is liability insurance for the motorboats, personal damage is to be borne in full by the person responsible. We would like to point out that the boat rules on Lake Maggiore must be observed. Among other things, it is not permitted to pull or tow people behind a boat (water skis, tubes, etc.) without a license. A distance of 300m from the lake boundary must be maintained, except for journeys to/from the landing stage, which must take a direct route. Boating without a license is only permitted in the Italian part of Lake Maggiore, the Swiss border may not be crossed.