Lake Maggiore from above

Pure adrenaline with a gigantic view

Suitable for adults

Tandem Parachute Jump Locarno/Tenero (Ticino, CH)

Locarno-Tenero airport is about 35 minutes away from Cannobio Lakeview Camp & Resort.

From there, small groups of skydivers take off with the Paracentro airplane up to 5000m.

After passing the test of your fitness and ability, your instructor will prepare you in detail for the tandem jump over Lake Maggiore and explain to you the behavior during takeoff, jump, in the air and landing.

Then you go to one of the planes, queasy feeling and great excitement included.

The ascent of the flight is extremely scenic, because in good weather conditions you can see from above not only Lake Maggiore in all its glory, but also Lake Como and Lake Lugano, as well as the impressive mountain massifs.If you were sitting less cramped and not tied to the instructor and parachute – the flight would be a real pleasure. Unfortunately, one does not really get to enjoy the great view over Lake Maggiore, because the rapid pulse and the narrowness cloud the view a little.

After about 15 minutes of flying, the side door of the aircraft opens over the Locarno-Tenero airfield while your instructor – firmly attached to you – crawls with you to the exit hatch. There you sit for a short while and enjoy a very scary view down. Way down! The pulse rises, the heart races, you feel the wind at the open door and look frightening almost 5000m down on the beautiful Lake Maggiore. Seconds that feel like hours. And then it goes down…!


After about a minute in free fall, the parachute opens and you slowly glide back to the airport for a few minutes. Now you also get to enjoy the view more and more intense, you have a magnificent view over Lake Maggiore and the cities on the lake, it is indescribable. Once at the bottom, you will really feel your own trembling for the first time – the feeling will stay with you for the rest of the day, I promise! A unique experience in a unique environment. Of course, the course is also open to licensed jumpers. Also sightseeing flights with helicopters and airplanes can be booked at this airfield, perhaps an alternative for people who want to enjoy a beautiful view from the air without driving the pulse too much up.