Indoor Ski, Indoor Trampolin, Indoor Kinderspielplatz: Space Verbania am Lago Maggiore

Space Trampoline Park

Perfect for rainy days: indoor trampoline, indoor playground, indoor ski: Space Verbania on Lake Maggiore

Trampoline park Space Verbania (Verbania, IT)

Of course, you want the best summer weather for your vacation in Cannobio on Laggo Maggiore – and usually you really are spoiled by the sun in Piedmont !
For the few rainy days, spontaneous vacations in autumn or winter or as a short detour after a shopping spree, we have the perfect excursion tip for you with Space Verbania. Tested by parents and our children and expressly found to be “very good”:

About 40 minutes from Lakeview, between Verbania – Fondotoce and Gravellona Toce, you will find Space Verbania. Somewhat hidden between commercial buildings but located directly on the main road, Space Inoor offers fun for children and teenagers. A huge indoor trampoline facility is certainly the highlight: young and old alike have fun on the various trampolines. Normal jumps, somersaults, figures – everything is possible. The inclined trampolines and the opportunity to play trampoline basketball are particularly interesting. And especially cool: a huge swimming pool filled with foam cubes enables high jumps with safe landings in the “pool”. The two adjacent trampolines even allow synchronized jumps and figures in the pool.

The trampolines are suitable for all children and even parents can use the equipment without hesitation to accompany smaller children or to have fun themselves. Trampoline-suitable socks are a must and can be bought cheaply on site – and reused on subsequent visits. Street shoes are of course not permitted when trampolining.

Indoor Ski, Indoor Trampolin, Indoor Kinderspielplatz: Space Verbania am Lago Maggiore

Those who prefer to watch the hustle and bustle from a safe distance will find a nice place to relax in the bar-restaurant. Or parents can relax in the “Zerobody facility”, a kind of floating relaxation without getting wet.

The indoor playground is great for younger children and offers a variety of climbing and play options. Older children and adults suffering from acute snow deprivation can also brush up on their skiing skills on the indoor ski slope. This is not a snow hall with real snow, as we know from Dubai etc. Instead, you ski in an environmentally friendly way on a felt treadmill, but with real skis and real turns. It feels a little unfamiliar the first time, but it’s great fun!

In summer, Space also offers an outdoor program, including canoe trips on the Toce River andpedal go-kart rides. However, the clear focus is on indoor activities.

The entire space facility is still quite new, very clean and well maintained and really nicely done. Space is state-of-the-art in terms of technology, with fair admission prices: 50 minutes on the trampoline, for example, is available from 10 euros.

Further information in several languages can be found directly on the Space website