piana di vigezzo

Skiing Piana di Vigezzo

Piana di Vigezzo is a simple but beautiful ski resort

It offers children's lift and challenging slopes

Skiing Piana di Vigezzo

A good 75min from Cannobio Lakeview Camp & Resort, after a winding drive through the Valle Cannobina, you will reach the small town of Prestinone with the Piana di Vigezzo ski area.

From there, the fairly new Funivia Piana di Vigezzo with 8-person cabins leads to the ski area. At the top station of the cable car, next to the ski hut and base camp of the ski school, there is a small but very nice platter lift for children and a conveyor belt for beginners. The short children’s slope is very suitable as a practice hill and can be snowed by machine in case of bad snow situation.  

Three chairlifts of older construction, but in good condition, lead further up to the ski area of Piana di Vigezzo. Here you will find more challenging slopes, but they are very well prepared and can also be covered with snow. The descents are quite long and scenic. In good weather, the view of the Alps is gigantic!

A downhill run back to Prestinone is not officially possible, but in very good snow conditions possibly conceivable through the forest, here leads in summer a fairly steep hiking trail and MTB downhill to the valley station of the cable car. But so far we have preferred the safe way back with the cable car. Piana di Vigezzo is a small and simple but fine, family-friendly ski resort with a lot of charm. For smaller children, however, only the practice hill remains, unless they already have advanced skills. However, for a few hours of skiing on a Lake Maggiore vacation, it’s more than enough and a nice change.

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